Friday, March 1, 2013

When i was a kid, maybe the thing that i was i know was to play, play and play..of  course i was kid that time...hehe:)

High School  Life

A lot of people said that high school life  was the most excited, happy  and memorable, but for me it wasn't..know why?...

I enjoyed my high school  life a little. That time i'm not really happy, yeah i have friends but I've never enjoyed the life of being a high school student. I'm happy together with my friends, but i have a  lots of worries that time..hehe:)ewan ko lang kung anu  ano yun..basta lang....hehe:)

The day of high school graduation..hehe...syempre I'm happy..graduate na me...oh diba...hehehe

College Life

I studied my college at Southern Luzon Tech. College Inc. I  got Computer Programming to studied, it was a 2 years course. Grabe ang hirap pla ng napili ko..ahehehe:) but its ok, i have passed it.

College  life for me was the most memorable and unforgetable. Know why? hehe^_^

I really enjoyed my college, i have a lot of new friends there. Everyday were bonding, hanging out, walking inside of malls, we ate street foods i have told jyou guys  it was really, really fun.
 Me and my classmates treated eachof one as a family, brothers and sisters inside of school. Anjan yung laitan, biruan, inisan but it  ends laughing...hahahaha..dami ko htawa talaga...hehe:)

I really missed my classmmates,and my professors. In my professors meron mabait, may terror, and meron namang ala school was so wonderful. Until i graduated.suuuuupeeeer happy tlga...

Inserted  pictures:

First year college 1st sem.
Second year collge 2nd sem. 


Mae A. Dela Torre
This is me...! The  simple one, easy -go- lucky girl. I have a  lot of friends, best friends  and people who's still getting to know me...hehe :)

When i was a teen ager girl the things that I'm only to do was  going  to school to study, hang out with friends, texting  my suitors...hehe :)  and  ofcourse  after enjoying myself outside i went home..hehe....:)

Don't judge me first..know me first...

Even i'm a easy-go-lucky girl..,i'm good  and kind..i'm really friendly to each  other..

That was me and until now it is me..the one and only Mae.